Too deep.

Soft whispers will put you to sleep, when the world gets too dark and the rivers run too deep.

Darling, the Earth will drown under the angry fists of rain. Run far, run fast, escape the madness, the pain.

When the embers fade to black, and the midnight wind cries. When the wooden beams groan, and thunder fills the skies.

She’s chasing you through the shadows, stealing your light. Pale ghosts of the crescent draw nearer, coveting lives from the tender night.

My darling, my dear — her whispers have put you to sleep, for the world has become too dark, and the rivers have run too deep.

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You know what would be great?

If people wrote those ridiculously deep and meaningful prose type things about just ridiculous crap.


I watched the blue billy-goat with a gentleness that matched the folds of cold caramel slipping across the valley. A velvet skittle cascaded softly from his mouth to the cold and unforgiving moss beneath his hoofs. And the feeling in my soul became brittle as I watched…and I knew at that moment we were not one.

That would be hilarious.

Anonymous asked: You have such a great, expressive face. Expressive like, when you’re happy in pictures, you can see just how ecstatic you really are. When you’re being goofy, you look so ridiculous (in a good, fun way). When you’re being serious, you can see how contemplative you are. That kind of expressive.

That’s a really interesting thing to say. Thank you.

(thoughtful compliments are the best compliments ~ i’m super flattered that you recognized that sort of thing)

Anonymous asked: That Monet picture looks like how I imagine you and the future Mr. Hannah.

Aw, aw, aw <3 I imagine that too.


A couple admires the color and texture of Monets Water Lilies at MoMA, New York

Anonymous asked: that one pic of you in the white shirt and flowery dress with the sea behind you is so perfect. the one with your fingers in your hair.

Aw, thank you very much. I was actually really frustrated in that photo because the wind kept blowing leaves in my face! Haha.

Anonymous asked: your friend in those pictures is interesting looking! she is quite pretty, as are you of course x

aw she would be so flattered to hear that <3

Anonymous asked: gosh, that’s a beautiful picture. how are you real?

the rainbowy one? thank you very much! and i’m very real, i promise (:

Anonymous asked: Do you feel changed or transformed by your trip, or was it just a really cool vacation?

Well it definitely reinforced my belief that France is where I was meant to be! It also taught me a lot about what it’s like to be immersed in a culture. Thinking, living, speaking, breathing, everything French. T’was truly an eye-opening experience.

lol i just said “t’was”

what am i? a seventy year old british grandfather? remind me never to do that again.

Anonymous asked: it’s a nice pic, but i have to say i’m generally opposed to pictures that obscure your perfect face.

haha well thanks!

have this then:

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Anonymous asked: New icon?

me skipping gaily through a swiss field haha

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Oh hay. And my favorite picture!


France & Iceland (last part, I promise)


France (Part VII of many)


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France (Part V of many)